Foundation Level

Why enrol on this foundation course?

Kinesiology provides a unique method of finding out about health and well-being, through muscle testing. The foundation course enables you to understand the body and what it needs to return to balance, providing the opportunity for you to assist your friends, family and potentially clients, in their return to good health.

Those already in the health and well-being industry find their work elevated through the in-depth knowledge and understanding that they gain, as well as invaluable access to definitive answers through the muscle testing.

No other modality incorporates emotional, nutritional, chemical, structural, physical, meridians and other energetical systems in its all-encompassing holistic approach to allowing the body to recover its good health.

Kinesiology Association foundation level training

Our foundation courses are run around the UK by our qualified and accredited tutors. Our tutors have an Award in Education and Training (AET) or the equivalent and a minimum of 3 years as professional kinesiologists. They operate their own independent training schools but they all teach the same KA curriculum with the same core training materials.

Sue 1The foundation course consists of 90 hours of face-to-face training. In addition, you will be expected to undertake home study of approximately 1-2 hours per week, plus carry out 12 case study sessions. The foundation course is usually taught over 6 weekends but some tutors might offer alternative formats such as week days, or long weekends.

The KA training materials and syllabus underwent a complete review in 2020 so the KA foundation course offers the most up to date training in kinesiology. You will receive a thorough training in muscle testing and kinesiology techniques you can use safely and with confidence - on yourself, friends & family or clients (if you are already a health practitioner). There is a strong emphasis on practical work in our courses and you will workshop all the techniques you learn.

Who would benefit from this course?

  • Absolutely anyone! As long as you are over eighteen, with an open and inquisitive mind and a willingness to embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery, then this is for you! You need not have any previous experience in complementary therapies or careers in this field.

  • Anyone who would love to assist friends and family in their journey to happiness and good health.

  • For those interested in a career change: the foundation course is obligatory for those wishing to study on practitioner and diploma courses.

  • For people wishing to spend time with like-minded people: learning, laughing and growing!

  • Current practitioners and workers in the health industry: using the muscle testing provides a deeper layer to your treatments and also ensures that all recommendations (e.g. of remedies, products etc) are 100% tailored to the unique needs of the client. Nutritionists, GPs, homeopaths, chiropractors, osteopaths, reflexologists, massage therapists, essential oil specialists, all of these fields have been astounded by the skills and knowledge that kinesiology has brought to their roles.

Course fees for foundation course training are ₤1,295

What is included in the KA's foundation course?

Certificate 2
  • 6 weekends (or 12 full days) of class training

  • 330 page comprehensive colour manual and additional handouts to supplement techniques

  • Magnet (the use of this will be explained during the course)

  • Nutritional Test Kit (the use of this will be explained during
    the course)

  • Water and refreshments throughout the training weekends

  • A final assessment and certification

  • Foundation level membership of the Kinesiology Association for 12 months

  • Access to online support training material including videos of Foundation level techniques

  • Regular newsletters / updates including access to seminars and Webinars

To find out more about Foundation Training, contact a tutor in your area

Muscle book

Have a look at some sample pages from The Muscle Book which is part of the 330 page foundation course training manual.

Please note that during your training and during a kinesiology balance you remain fully clothed. The photographs in the manual are to accurately show students how the muscle testing should be carried out.

There is a strong emphasis on practical work in our courses and you will workshop in class all the techniques you learn.

What students say about their kinesiology training

"I have been blown away by the effectiveness of kinesiology. Studying kinesiology is one of the best decisions I have ever made."

"It's like I've been given a superpower!"

"Many thanks for the information and your informative and fun training in such relaxed nice atmosphere: I am looking forward to start using the techniques for my family also in my clinics! and I hope to see you again in the near future"

"Like being let in on a big secret! I feel very privileged."

"Just to say again that your weekends were perfectly paced and your teaching excellent"

"Very instructive and fascinating demonstrations, wonderful to witness examples and experience 'hands on" with someone, it was jaw dropping. So much more to it than I thought Linda is a wonderful teacher - totally convinced by kinesiology"

For more information on foundation level training please contact a tutor in your area or contact the KA admin office on 01980 881646