Diploma Level

Diploma level training

For students who have passed the foundation level of training, the diploma course is the final step to becoming a professional kinesiologist.

The diploma course is taught over 12 weekends (or equivalent). This course is suitable for:
  • Those who have previously completed a foundation course
  • Those who wish to become qualified kinesiologists

This course delivers high quality vocational training incorporating best practice and current developing National Occupational Standards (KNOS) in Kinesiology.

What is Included in the diploma course?
  • 12 weekends (or 24 full-days) of class training and coaching
  • Access to your tutor for support between the class training
  • 270-page comprehensive colour manual and additional handouts to supplement techniques
  • Additional handouts of 175 pages to supplement techniques
  • Student handbook
  • Water and refreshments throughout the training weekends
  • A final multiple choice exam
  • A practical assessment from a trained assessor (not your tutor)
  • Associate level membership of the Kinesiology Association for 12 months
  • Access to online support training material including informative and educational videos
  • Regular newsletters / updates including access to seminars and webinars
  • Access to online business development support

As part of your diploma course you will have access to online business support to help you build a sustainable clinic. The on-line support includes one to one discussions with a business coach and help with producing some simple promotional videos.

Growing your business

In addition to the muscle testing training which will be fully provided by our Tutors you will also require an ITEC level 3 qualification in Anatomy and Physiology (A&P) and Nutrition. These course are provided by recommended external suppliers.

We do not include the A&P and nutrition training in the cost of the Diploma Course as some students might already have these qualifications. Your tutor will be able to provide you with all the details of this training.

All practitioners will also require a valid First Aid certificate

Our diploma course was fully reviewed and updated in 2020 and is based on a 270-page full colour book written by Terry Larder*

*About the Author

In 1981 Terry became a natural healthcare practitioner and has used kinesiology and naturopathy in her practice since 1987. She founded the Classical Kinesiology Institute (CKI) in 1990 where, for 25 years, she taught diploma courses in naturopathic-based kinesiology. Although she now claims to be semi-retired, she runs postgraduate courses and has a clinic at the Kinesiology Centre in Leicester (CKI), England.

She is a former Chair and Executive Committee member of the UK's Kinesiology Federation and throughout her career has lectured in Specialized Kinesiology techniques nationwide as well as in the USA, Russia and Japan. She has appeared on UK national television and in the national press on a number of occasions. Terry Larder, Dip.KA, AKFRP (Honorary), MNNA

For more information on diploma level training please contact a tutor in your area or contact the KA admin office on 01980 881646

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