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The foundation course is ideal if you want to learn the powerful basics of kinesiology to help your nearest and dearest or to progress to the next level of training.

Kinesiology demonstration sessions

One of the best ways to find out more about Kinesiology and muscle testing is to attend a Demonstration Session.

For healthcare practitioners who want to learn an exciting new modality

If you are an existing healthcare practitioers and want to enhance your skills Kinesiology could be perfect for you

To further your Kinesiology training

If you have studied Kinesiology at Foundation level and want to learn more techniques


Demonstration Sessions

One of the best ways to find out more about Kinesiology and muscle testing is to attend a Demonstration Session. This is a great opportunity to experience muscle testing first-hand during an interactive session with other interested people.

Whether you are:

  • looking to help family and friends
  • wanting to start a practice in natural health
  • a natural healthcare professional who wants to learn an exciting new modality
  • a member of the public who wants to find out how Kinesiology can help them

Come and see and feel for yourself how kinesiology works. seeing is believing. You will get a taste of how you can benefit your own and other people's health.

You will see that Kinesiology uses a gentle muscle response test to identify imbalances. These may be contributing to the client's loss of health and well-being and the Kinesiologist will use techniques to restore balance.

Clients are fully clothed at all times and the Kinesiologist will ask them to place their arms, legs or head into specific positions and then apply a light pressure against the muscle that is being tested.

Muscle testing is based on biofeedback and the client and the Kinesiologist can identify exactly what is involved and devise a plan of action together. Suggestions and advice may include incorporation or elimination of certain foods, nutritional supplements, relaxation and other techniques, lifestyle changes and more.

The pricing, timing and location of Demonstration Sessions are set by our Tutors. Please contact your nearest tutor to find out what they offer. Or why not get a group of friends together and arrange a bespoke session with your local tutor at a mutually convenient time and place?


Professional teaching qualification

All KA tutors have a professional teaching qualification

All students are enrolled into the Kinesiology Association

With over 500 members the KA is the largest kinesiology association in Europe and your training fee includes membership of the KA.

The most up to date training materials

The foundation and diploma courses were totally rewritten in 2020. We have recently added a large library of on-line training materials.

Find a local tutor

Your local tutor can advise you on future courses and local demonstration sessions

Access to on-line training materials

All students have access to our on-line training resources. KA members continue to have this resource available after they have completed their training


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Training Prices

Find the right kinesiology course for you

The price for KA Foundation Course Training is


  • 12 full days of class-room training
  • 330-page comprehensive colour manual
  • Student handbook
  • One to one training
  • Water and refreshments throughout the training weekends
  • Access to online support
  • Student Membership of the Kinesiology Association
  • Tutor reviewed case studies
  • Multiple choice test at the end of the course
  • Regular KA newsletters / updates
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The price for KA Diploma Course Training is


  • 24 full days of class-room training and coaching
  • Access to tutor support between training
  • 270-page comprehensive colour manual
  • Additional handouts of 175 pages to supplement techniques
  • Student handbook
  • Water and refreshments throughout the training weekends
  • A final multiple choice exam
  • A practical assessment from a trained assessor (not your tutor)
  • Associate level membership of the Kinesiology Association for 12 months
  • Access to online support training material including informative and educational videos
  • Regular KA newsletters / updates
  • Access to online business development support
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